Favorite Movies

Annie Hall

I’ve always been a sucker for the wit and sarcasm of Woody Allen. Max is the type of person I would like hanging with – a semi-mad artistic intellectual with a dose of healthy cynicism. And then there’s the whole LA vs New York thing.

Better Off Dead

A classic 80’s cast with Cusak, Booger, and the two Chinese drag racers that imitate Howard Cosel. Franch dressing anyone?

Dances With Wolves

Isn’t it great to see the other side of things? I only wish right-wing WASPs could see the true meaning in this movie.

The Game

A real plot twister with Michael Douglas. I jammed with the guy who wrote this screenplay once, before I knew he wrote it. I would’ve liked to have told him how great I thought this film was.


It may be the movie or just the man himself. Either way Kingsley gave a great performance and the movie still stands as one of the most inspiring pieces on film.

Our Town

OK, an overdone American play. But it always reminds me that life is short and grand – do what you want to and do best you can. Appreciate those around you. Make as many people as happy as you can.

Star Wars

You gotta love it.