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Current Rates

This flowchart from Soundbetter will help you gauge how much you should be paying in the studio.

  • Hourly: $75/ hour
  • Mixing: $500/mix.
  • Protools Training/Consulting: $75/hour
  • Guitar Vocal: $300/song. Includes guitar or piano parts,recording, mixing, mastering. No singer included in price.
  • Programmed drums w 5 piece band: $800 /song. Includes traditional instrumentation, recording, mixing, mastering. No singer included in price.
  • Live drums w 5 piece band: $1500/song. Includes traditional instrumentation, recording, mixing, mastering. Tracked at pro studio. No singer included in price.
  • Demo singer: $150-250/song. Rate varies according to singer being hired.
  • Additional harmonies: $100/song

Although based in Nashville, most of my demo and master production work occurs by way of global clients through the internet.

From full artist productions to song demos or artist development packages, I remain passionate about finding the essence of artist and song. Read more about how to send me your files to us and gain access to the best quality musicians in Nashville.


I typically work with 2 types of recordings:

Guitar/Piano vocal

The simpler, and therefore less expensive type, consists of a vocal and one accompanying instrument, typically a guitar or piano (guitar/vocal).

Full band production

The other type is a full band production. Hiring a real band of professional musicians performing in a professional recording studio.

I give clients a wide variety of options. All prices include recording, mixing and mastering with a delivered .wav file over the internet (vocal and instrumental mixes included in price, track stems not included).

Demos by E-mail

For song demos by email, please email me the following items:

  1. A legible lyric sheet in MS word or MS excel.
  2. Some version of the melody. Most clients sing into a computer recorder and email as mp3 form.
  3. Chord changes in MS word or MS excel.(if you know them.) If you don’t, you can give us free reign to find something fitting.
  4. Style preference, and any special requests or suggestions, e.g. “Shania-esque female vocal,” “I’d love a country fiddle”, or like the Montgomery Gentry song “xxxxxx.” Just let us know — we aim to please. Of course, outlandish requests or requests that require hiring of several musicians may require additional fees (“I really hear a full church choir on the chorus”).
  5. A check, money order, or paypal payment for the appropriate amount. Paypal is the preferred method to get your project on the books and started. Please also include 2.9% paypal fee in your payment. Paypal payment address is davetough@hotmail.com.

I accept: 

For further questions or info contact me.